Who Founded Christianity Paul or Jesus (PBUH) ? – (English) – (PB)


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“Judaism- in its ancient purity taught the worship of the One Almighty who had no partners or helpers. Judaism taught mankind to obey the laws of the almighty creator. Jesus (PBUH) taught in his time the true worship of the almighty creator, he taught his followers and listeners to obey the law, he never changed anything, and in fact he pointed men to the true teachings from the Eternal Creator.
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“FOREWORD – The plain true teachings of Jesus, have been shrouded in so much mystery, contradictions, distortions, complications historical inaccuracies and fabrications, that even the honest seeker of truth is bewildered, seeing diet all these hindrances are coming from the source he thought was “”all truth and unerring””, but alas, he realizes that he has to go through this landmine of confusion and pick up whatever pieces of truth he can find.
This can be a tedious task as the more you read, the more contradictions you see, and when you try to reason with the Pastor, Deacon, Evangelist, Priest or whomever, they all go into denial. They fry to make you believe that standing and falling forward to the ground is the same. They try to make you believe that going and telling everyone is the same as telling no one. Only a die-hard, brainwashed person could believe that, as it takes absolutely no-brains to believe opposites can be the same, especially when the same person is speaking about the same incident. Then you have these same teachers glorifying Paganism, by way of observing Pagan holy-days and ascribing these days to Jesus, how can the blind lead the blind, or rather, how can he who refuses to see, lead someone who is trying to see?
My reason for writing this book is simple, Truth must prevail over falsehood.
Allah’s Truth Must Prevail.
Abolade Nkosi Tayo

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